Our New Outreach Coordinator

We are very excited here at AVP Delaware to have received a matching grant from the national AVP organization. This is the first time funds have been made available to fund a (very part-time) paid position within AVP DE–or any state-level AVP organization. As such, we are a pilot program, and what we do here will create a template for the national organization. We’ve brought on Brian Winward, a returned citizen, long-time AVP facilitator, and testament to the transformative power of the AVP workshops, to take on that role. Already deeply involved with introducing AVP to the Delaware community, the funds will help defray his travel expenses as he interacts with state and local governments and community organizations to spread the work about AVP.

Please welcome Brian!

How did you get involved with AVP?
When I was in prison, a participant excitedly shared about the basic and I asked him to carry my name to the facilitator, who signed me up.

You were a bad boy before that?
I had a very troubled and violent life and ultimately became Delaware’s most infamous armed robber and receive a 240 year prison sentence.

What was your Basic like? Did you get into it right away, or did you have resistance?
I enrolled and became very excitedly active immediately.

You became a facilitator in the correctional system. What challenges did that present to you?
At first, the only real challenge was to not resort to violence because I now represented AVP. It’s hard to break old habits, but the skills I learned in AVP workshops, and especially the transforming power card, helped along the way.

What effect did AVP training have on your life?
I learned to be creative, use humor, and build community. I became a better person once I learn how to use “I” messages instead of “you” statements.

Where do you go from here? What are your plans?
My goal is to to get AVP into every school and Community Center I possibly can. I have found that by embracing the “win/win” situation idea I have become very successful in my reentry to society.